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Renowned scientist and expert in the field of tribology and triboengineering Ahad Khanahmad oglu Janahmadov was born October 23, 1946 in Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan.

In 1969, he graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering for the Oil-field industry at Azerbaijan Oil and Chemistry Institute (presently Azerbaijan State Oil Academy).

From 1970 to 1972 he was seconded as a postgraduate student to Institute of Mechanical Engineering at USSR Academy of Sciences in Moscow.

In 1973 he defended his thesis, and in 1989 – his doctoral thesis in MING (Moscow Institute of Oil and Gas) named after I.M. Gubkin, and since 1991 he has been entitled the rank of professor. He is fist Azerbaijani Ph.D. in tribology.

During the period from 1975 to 1976 he was on the scientific training in the UK.

In 1973 – 2011 he worked at the Azerbaijan State Oil Academy consequently holding the positions of assistant, associate professor, professor and head of the department. During 1982-1990, he simultaneously held the position of the assistant dean’s office for foreign students.

Since 2011, he is the Head of the Department “Transport Mechanics and Materials” at the Azerbaijan National Academy of Aviation.

In 2006 he was elected as the member and the Chief Scientific Secretary of the Azerbaijan Academy of Engineering. Since 2011 he has been Vice-President of the Academy.

In 1995 he was elected a corresponding member, and in 1997 – Academician of the International Academy of Engineering, in 1998 – Academician of the National Academy of the Republic of Georgia. In 2012 he was elected a member (foreign) of the Engineering Academy of Ukraine.

In 2014 he was elected a foreign member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. In the same year he was elected a foreign member of the Russian Engineering Academy, and his name was entered in the Encyclopedia of “Russian Engineering Academy”. In 2018, he was elected Full Member (Foreign) of the Engineering Academy of the Kyrgyz Republic.

In 1995 he was appointed a member of the editorial board of the International Scientific Journal “Friction and Wear”, from 2011 – the journal “Equipment and technology for the oil and gas industry”, from 2013 – the journal “The problems of friction and wear», from 2014 – the journal «American Association for Science and Technology (AACIT)” (USA).

In 1998, the International Biographical Centre awarded a silver medal, in 2000 – the gold medal and the honorary title of “XX century Outstanding people in the science”. In 2000, the American Biographical Institute for his services to science awarded a gold medal and the Order of the “International Ambassador”.

In 2000, he received an award from the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic in the field of engineering “For the development and introduction of equipment for recovery of oil and gas wells”. In 2014 he became the laureate of the Republic Invention Contest. In 2007 he won the grant from NASA (USA).

In 2006, he was awarded a medal «XV years of the International Academy of Engineering” for major contributions in the development of the science of engineering.

In 2011 he was awarded the Grand Gold Medal of the Order of “Engineering Glory” of the International Academy of Engineering and the gold medal of the Engineering Academy of Ukraine named after Podgorny. In 2012, the National Academy of the Republic of Kazakhstan awarded the gold medal of the “Engineering Glory”. In the same year the journalistic organization awarded the gold medal for “Scientist and Patriot”. In 2015 he was awarded with the gold medal of the Azerbaijan Engineering Academy «Engineering valor». In 2016 received the insignia “The Golden medal of the International Engineering Academy”.

In 2014 he was awarded with the Gold Medal of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences named after the Nobel Prize laureate P.L.Kapitza for the scientific discovery in the field of tribology. In 2018, the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences awarded him the Order and awarded him the honorary title “Knight of Science and the Arts”.

In 2018, he was awarded the honorary title “Honored Engineer of Russia”.

In 2019, he was awarded the Gold Order of the 1st degree by the “Star of the Academy” (RANS) and the jubilee medal “160 years of the Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company”.

In 2016, the Public Television of Azerbaijan made and demonstrated the full-length documentary film “Beynelxalq Sefir” (“International Ambassador”), dedicated to his life and creative activities.

Author of over 400 works, including 60 monographs and books, textbooks and teaching aids and more than 30 patents. A.Kh.Janahmadovs’ scientific papers are widely known across the countries of CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) and abroad. Repeatedly speaker at international symposia, regional conferences and meetings on tribology and triboengineering, particularly in the UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Greece, Russia, Japan, Poland, Romania, Italy and other countries, where he successfully represented Azerbaijan from reputable stands. His works have been published in many well-known magazines of the world, “Engineering Science” (Russia), “Friction and Wear” (USA), “Journal of Mechanical Engineering” (Russia), “Journal of Applied Mechanics” (Romania), “Mechanics” (Poland), ” Mechanical Engineering “(Russia),” Problems of Mechanical Engineering and Automation “(Hungary),” Bulletin of the Azerbaijan Academy of Engineering “(Azerbaijan), etc.

He is the author of the first in the history of Azerbaijan’s scientific discovery, “Regularity of change wear and friction characteristics of the surface layers of metal-polymer friction pairs with their contact-impulse interaction” (Certificate № 462 dated 2013). In 2014, he became the author of the next scientific discovery, “Regularity of the implementation process of electro-thermo-mechanical friction in the working layers of metal-polymer pairs” (Certificate № 476 dated 2014).

A.Kh.Janahmadovs’ widely recognized specialist monographs are “Physical and stochastic tribomodeling” (1988), “Tribological problems in the oil and gas equipment” (1998), “The mechanics of elastomers in the oil and gas equipment” (2002), “Oil Tribology” (2003), “Synergetics and Fractals in Ecology” (2012 ), “Synergetics and Fractals in Tribology” (2014), “The fractal approach in fracture mechanics” (2015), “Synergetics and fractals in ecology” (2017, published in Germany), as well as the treatises “Philosophy of Truth” (2016), “Engineering Philosophy” (2017), “Philosophy of Engineering” (2019), etc. The famous American publishing house Springer translated and published his fundamental monograph “Synergetics and Fractals in Tribology” (2016), which later brought him an international recognition. Springer once again published another monograph by the scientist called “Fractal Approach to Tribology of Elastomers” (2018).

By his initiative and the direct participation for the first time in 1997, the university successfully implemented and currently continues to receive students on the specialty of “Triboengineering”. A.H.Janahmadov wrote several books and teaching aids for training of the national personnel in the specialty of triboengineering in the Azerbaijani language. He is the author of the books “Drilling machines and equipment” and “Applied Mechanics”, first time written in Azerbaijani language. He is the author of the textbook “Fundamentals of tribology”, “Drilling machines and equipment”, and “Applied mechanics”, written in Azeri for the first time, as well as the textbook “Aviation materials”, as well as fundamental textbooks “Aviation materials science” and “Tribology”.

His main scientific activities are tribological problems in the oil and gas equipment and their practical application in the industry. He is the author of “Thermo-mechanical theory of wear and tear.” This theory allows to reveal the physical nature of the fatigue mechanism (wear) for thermomechanical loading of friction pairs, to evaluate the impact of thermal processes on their kinetics under cooling, to predict the intensity of the material fracture of the surface and subsurface layers with a low density of dislocations, and rationally choose the friction materials and control thermal destruction on the contact surface.

Under his leadership, more than 20 Ph.D. were trained and doctoral theses were wrote for Azerbaijan and the foreign countries.

Between 1989 and 1990, he was a member of the Council for Higher Education of the USSR. And from 1992 to 1993 – the member of the State Supreme Advisory Council of Azerbaijan.

From 1994 to 2006. co-chaired the Specialized Council for doctoral dissertations and chairman of the section “Engineering and Metallurgy” Scientific and Methodological Council of the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic. From 2006 to 2009, he was the chairman of the Expert Council for the Technical Sciences VAK at the President of the Azerbaijan Republic. In 2013 he was elected a member of the Council of Presidents of the International Engineering Academy.

Since 2009, the deputy editor of the journal – “Herald of the Azerbaijan Engineering Academy.”

Since 2013, the chief editor of the international scientific journal – “SAEQ: Science and Applied Engineering Quarterly” (ISSN 2054 – 2763).

He is married, has two sons and four grandchildren.


A.X. ORDERS and MEDALS awarded by Janahmadov

Order of the International Ambassador (USA) – 2000;
Silver Medal of the Outstanding Scientist of the 20th Century (England) – 1998;
Gold Medal of the Outstanding Scientist of the 20th Century (England) – 2000;
Gold Medal (USA) – 2000;
Laureate of the Prize of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Technical Sciences – 2000.
Gold medal “XV years of MIA” (Russia) – 2005;
Gold medal “XX years of MIA” (Russia) – 2010;
Grand Gold Medal (Russia) – 2011;
Additional medal to the Order of Engineering Glory (Russia) – 2011;
Gold medal named after Podgorny (Ukraine) – 2012;
Gold Medal of Engineering Glory (Kazakhstan) – 2012;
Azerbaijan Union of Journalists “Supreme Patriot” gold medal – 2012;
Laureate of the Republican competition in the field of invention – 2014;
Nobel laureate P.I. Kapitsa Gold Medal (Russia) – 2015;
Gold Medal of Engineering Courage (Azerbaijan) – 2015;
Gold Medal of Honor (Russia) – 2016.
V.I. Vernadsky Gold Medal (Russian Academy of Sciences) 2016.
Order of Engineering Glory (Russia) 2016.

“Science and art Knight of the Net ”(Russia) – 2018.
“Knight of Science and Art” (Russia) – 2018.
Honored Engineer of Russia – 2018.
“Star of the Academy” 1st degree gold order (Russia) – 2018.
160th anniversary medal of Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company.

The academies where Janahmadov was elected a full member (academician) list

International Academy of Engineering – 1997.
Georgian National Academy – 1998.
Azerbaijan Academy of Engineering – 2006.
Ukrainian Academy of Engineering – 2012.
Russian Academy of Natural Sciences – 2014.
Russian Academy of Engineering – 2014.
Academy of Engineering of the Kyrgyz Republic – 2018.

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