Dear Colleagues!

We invite you to publish your scientific works in a new format – in the electronic issue of the journal

“HERALD of the Azerbaijan Engineering Academy”. Acceptance of materials for publication is open from January 1, 2022.

The journal publishes articles on the following branches of engineering science:

  1. Aviation
  2. Mechanics and Mechanical engineering
  3. Oil and Gas
  4. Chemical and Chemical Technology
  5. Information Technology
  6. Instrumentation
  7. Agriculture
  8. Energy
  9. Economy
  10. Ecology
  11. Geology

The rules for the design and publication of articles are the same as in the printed version of the journal. The publication frequency is 4 times a year. The publication of the electronic version of the journal, along with the printed version, is the right decision in the context of a global transition to an online information retrieval system. We will present your work to a global audience as soon as possible.

The publication of the electronic version of the journal takes place in the optimal PDF format.

In order to increase the scientific value and prestige of the work, our journal is placed in international specialized databases, the journal has been assigned international indices and impact factors, and CERTIFICATES have been issued. All articles published in the journal are assigned a DOI.

We believe that the exchange of information and experience, especially in the field of engineering, is an effective strategy for the successful development of society.