The next issue of the journal “Herald of the Azerbaijan Engineering Academy” has been published

The next issue of the international scientific and technical journal “Herald of the Azerbaijan Engineering Academy” (Volume 14, No. 1) edited by Academician Arif Pashayev has been published. The journal highlights the vision of the problems that scientists around the world are working on.

AZƏRTAC reports that, the new issue of the journal begins with an article in English by the Vice-President of the Azerbaijan Engineering Academy, member of the Council of Presidents of the International Academy of Engineering, academician Ahad Janahmadov, co-authored with V.S. Skrypnyk, N.A. Volchenko, A.S. Evchenko, A.N. Yakhyaeva, V.N. Volchenko “Improving the wear resistance of materials in friction pairs of brake devices, taking into account hydrogen wear.” The article notes the importance of external and internal hydrogen in the contact zones of microprotrusions of friction pairs of brakes. The interaction of external hydrogen with internal hydrogen located in the subsurface layer of a metallic friction element is illustrated. The source of hydrogen in friction pairs during electrothermomechanical frictional interactions is the surface layer of the polymer core during cracking. In the study of hydrogen erosion, the stress-strain state of brake friction pairs was evaluated taking into account diffusion, adhesion, and absorption in electric and thermal fields.

In addition to this article, the section of the journal “Mechanics and Engineering” contains articles by other domestic scientists: “Methods and means of reducing the energy load and hydrogen consumption on the friction pair of drill bits”, “The influence of high-speed mechanical processing in the production process”, etc.

Readers can get acquainted with the results of research and other authors in the sections “Oil and Gas”, “Chemistry and Chemical Technology”, “Energetics”, “Information Technology”, “Ecology”.

It should be noted that the magazine, published in Azerbaijani, English and Russian since November 2009, is issued with a frequency of 4 issues per year; the journal is included in the register of the Higher Attestation Commission under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan for the publication of the results of candidate and doctoral dissertations. In 2021, the journal was placed in the international scientific citation databases International Scientific Journal Indexing (ISI) and Scientific Journal Impact Factor (SJIF) and received certificates. The impact factor assigned to the journal last year is: ISI – 1327; SJIF – 8.38. In addition, the journal received an international license “Creative Commons Attribution – NonCommercial 4.0”. The journal is also represented in the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) project. The full-text electronic version of the journal is located in the database of the Russian Universal Scientific Electronic Library e-library. Published articles are assigned a Digital Object Identifier DOI.

Covering various topical issues of our time, the journal highlights the importance of scientific and engineering thinking. The journal helps to develop and use the results of advanced science, engineering and technology, disseminating published scientific and technical information in the international arena, and also promotes greater exchange of information and recognition in the scientific community.

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