Academician Ahad Janahmadov’s book “To explain the universe: engineering philosophy” published

Baku, May 23, AZERTAC

World-famous Azerbaijani scientist, mechanic-philosopher, doctor of technical sciences, professor, Vice-President of the Azerbaijan Engineering Academy, Member of the Council of Presidents of the International Academy of Engineering, Head of the Department of Transport Mechanics of the Azerbaijan National Aviation Academy, “To explain the universe: Engineering philosophy” a massive philosophical tractate by Ahad Janahmadov, was published. Academician Boris Gusev, President of the International Academy of Engineering, winner of the State Prizes of the USSR and the Russian Federation and 5 prizes of the Government of the Russian Federation, is the scientific editor and author of the preface. The reviewer is Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Jangir Mammadov (Baku Slavic University).

The author of the tract, in his characteristic manner, describes how the intellectual achievements of the last century have turned our most fundamental ideas about the world in which we live upside down.

Ahad Janahmadov does not stop at our time, reflects on the fate of civilization, based on the latest achievements of science, technology and engineering, and gives the reader an exciting opportunity to look into the future through artificial intelligence. The author will lead us along an interesting path – from the ancient Sumerians to our era, through the development of science in the Eastern and European world in the Middle Ages.

This is a long-term fundamental work on how modern scientific knowledge was born and developed to explain the Universe. Popularization of science for Ahad Janahmadov is pure joy and amazing in itself.

This book is for those who are looking for answers to the questions: what is life like in the material world? how does the world work and how are universal human values related to science? What is the relationship between science and religion?

The book is intended for a wide range of readers who are interested in the structure of our universe and understanding the path traveled by Science and Cognition.

The cover of the tractate contains the statements of foreign scientists regarding the author and his book.

Active member of a number of foreign academies, author of more than 30 monographs, 3 scientific discoveries and about 450 scientific articles and patents. His fundamental monographs are translated into English, published in the USA, Germany and other countries and received international recognition. He is founder of the direction “Engineering Philosophy”.

The scientist is a Laureate of International Prizes and was awarded many orders and medals of foreign countries.

The book was published in “Apostrof-A” publishing house in Baku.

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