“Application of modern geoinformation technologies and analysis of satellite images” – seminar

The Azerbaijan Engineering Academy together with the National Aerospace Agency of the Ministry of Defense Industry held a seminar on “Application of modern geoinformation technologies and analysis of satellite images”. The seminar is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the National Aviation Academy.

AZERTAC was informed about this by the National Aviation Academy. It was reported that academician Natig Javadov, director general of the National Aerospace Agency of the Ministry of Defense Industry, opened the seminar with an introduction and informed the participants about the agency.

Academician Ahad Janahmadov, vice-president of the Azerbaijan Engineering Academy, spoke about the relevance of the discussed topic. He emphasized that geoinformation systems (GIS) are one of the fastest growing areas of information technology. GIS technologies allow to integrate cartographic and thematic information in a coherent single structure and provide prompt processing of multi-level, visual solutions for a wide class of issues. Spatial information dominates the total content of circulating data, and their volume and generation rate increases several times every year, so completely new models and methods based on Big data are required for processing arbitrary geodata.

It should be noted that the demand for geographic information systems, remote sensing data acquisition, processing and application is constantly increasing. The issue of training qualified specialists in the field of geoinformation technologies is becoming more urgent. In this regard, it is important to train highly qualified specialists who can skillfully use modern geoinformation technologies.

In this direction, a lot of scientific and practical researches have been carried out in the last decade, and their analysis, generalization and detection of limitations and determination of prospective research directions are urgent issues and researches that can be solved by scientists and specialists.

Later, professor Tofig Suleymanov spoke about the topic discussed. Finally, an agreement on cooperation in the field of science, education and technology was signed between the Azerbaijan Engineering Academy and the National Aerospace Agency of the Ministry of Defense Industry.

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