The monograph “Mesomechanics of Frictional Interaction” by Professor Ahad Janahmadov has been published.

The monograph “Mesomechanics of Frictional Interaction” by Professor Ahad Janahmadov, Vice-President of the Azerbaijan Engineering Academy, Head of the Department of “Transport Mechanics” of the National Aviation Academy, Doctor of Technical Sciences, has been published.


AZERTAC was told by the National Aviation Academy that the monograph examines the physical and mechanical laws of contact interaction of metal-polymer friction pairs from the mesomechanical point of view, analyzes the kinetics of dissolution of metal-polymer materials based on the electrothermomechanical theory of friction in the subsurface layers of friction pairs and electrokinetic phenomena. In the work, the mesomechanics of metal-polymer pairs of friction devices under the conditions of short-cycle fatigue is shown, and the coverage area of ​​microconcentration stresses, where quantum scattering occurs, is revealed. Modern methods of modeling the solution of axisymmetric contact problems are also presented. In addition, the characteristics of the transition modes of the frictional contact were analyzed and the criteria for their selection in nanostructured coatings, as well as the thermo-oxidative degradation process, were determined. A stochastic approach was investigated to estimate the stress of the polymer coating on the surface microprofile.


The book is intended for scientific and engineering-technical workers working in the field of mechanics and mechanical engineering. The monograph is useful for undergraduates and graduate students studying the problems of contact interaction (friction and wear) of surfaces.

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