Today, Azerbaijan is celebrating “Torpaq Çərşənbəsi”

Today is “İlaxır çərşənbə” – “Torpaq Çərşənbəsi” when land and life wake up.

According to belief, on “Torpaq Çərşənbəsi”, the earth wakes up and the earth breathes.

The last Tuesday, “İlaxır çərşənbə”, is celebrated with great enthusiasm by our people. In some regions of our country, “İlaxır çərşənbə” is celebrated as solemnly as Novruz itself.


Happy “Torpaq çərşənbəsi”!


Proverbs about land:

  • The earth says: kill me, I resurrect you!
  • The soil says: you give me sweat, I will give you dice!
  • It does not bend in a namer that bends to the ground.
  • The one who fights with the earth will experience happiness.
  • There is no loss in the soil, there is no plant without a stump.
  • The soil is embellished by the hard work of the farmer.
  • If you give wealth to the land, it will give you wealth.
  • The waters are mobile, the soil is fertile.
  • Palms that palm the soil-golden palms.
  • Water the soil regularly and see the results.
  • He who plays with the soil does not go hungry.
  • There is no share in the land.

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