All mankind draws its strength from the energy and insights of engineering philosophy…


In the context of the independence of the Azerbaijani state, the successful implementation of scientific and technological progress in all areas of the country’s diversified industry is of great importance.

In recent years, the volume and range of production, including high-efficiency equipment, has significantly decreased. However, in the context of globalization, new innovations and the effective use of information technology, nanotechnology and nanomaterials and certification, in order to increase the efficiency of production and investment structure to ensure the competitiveness of engineering, aviation, agriculture, construction and other products, There is a growing need to develop economic recommendations.

In this context, it is important to set and solve scientific and technical problems for the creation of new types of equipment and devices and their technological mastery, the study of strength and wear resistance of materials, the development of methods of calculation, modeling and forecasting. On the other hand, in order to increase the efficiency of investment projects, there is a need to generalize the theoretical and practical provisions aimed at problem solving and its solution. In the context of globalization, the focus is on the importance of scientifically studying the innovation-investment activity, which creates the basis for the products produced in the country to be competitive in the world market in terms of both price and quality. All this requires increasing the knowledge, experience and creative initiatives of scientific and technical personnel, providing them with comprehensive assistance and assistance by timely acquainting enterprises and organizations with the results of new work of domestic and foreign scientists and specialists.

In this regard, the purpose of publishing the magazine “News of the Azerbaijan Academy of Engineering” is to provide the reader with the necessary information on important areas of science, engineering and technology, as well as to help integrate Azerbaijani science and technology into world science.

The magazine will help to develop and use the results of advanced science, technology and engineering, to improve the quality and efficiency of work, to increase initiative, to concentrate forces.

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