The country's rating is measured by the high level of its education system,
the intellectual level of its citizens, and the achievements of its scientists.

List of problems and directions for selection of full and corresponding members to AMA

  1. Aviakosmos;
  2. Water management and hydraulic engineering;
  3. Military-technical problems;
  4. Engineering Mechanics;
  5. Engineering ecology and reserve collection;
  6. Geology, extraction and processing of minerals;
  7. Railway transport;
  8. Information systems, computers and electronics, communications and telecommunications;
  9. Mechanical engineering, materials science and technology;
  10. Oil and gas equipment and technology;
  11. Problems of engineering education;
  12. Control systems, diagnostics and instrumentation;
  13. Construction;
  14. Shipbuilding;
  15. Light industry technology;
  16. Technology of food industry;
  17. Chemical Technology;
  18. Energy;
  19. Operation of surface complexes, launch equipment, aircraft and their systems;
  20. Navigation and air traffic control;
  21. Economics, law and management of engineering activities;
  22. Legal problems of engineering activity;
  23. Medical and technical problems.