All mankind draws its strength from the energy and insights of engineering philosophy…


  1. Aviakosmos;
  2. Water management and hydraulic engineering;
  3. Military-technical problems;
  4. Engineering Mechanics;
  5. Engineering ecology and reserve collection;
  6. Geology, extraction and processing of minerals;
  7. Railway transport;
  8. Information systems, computers and electronics, communications and telecommunications;
  9. Mechanical engineering, materials science and technology;
  10. Oil and gas equipment and technology;
  11. Problems of engineering education;
  12. Control systems, diagnostics and instrumentation;
  13. Construction;
  14. Shipbuilding;
  15. Light industry technology;
  16. Technology of food industry;
  17. Chemical Technology;
  18. Energy;
  19. Operation of surface complexes, launch equipment, aircraft and their systems;
  20. Navigation and air traffic control;
  21. Economics, law and management of engineering activities;
  22. Legal problems of engineering activity;
  23. Medical and technical problems.
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